The difficulty with defending Biblical Marriage

I am working on a blog about the current debates on the issue of marriage (which is really a debate on homosexuality by conservative Christians), but this infographic came across my screen and it’s too good to keep to myself for now. So, with apologies that this is my only post in the last few weeks, here’s a graphical portrayal of the problems with defending a “Biblical” view of marriage (click on the image for a larger view to read it more clearly):

2 thoughts on “The difficulty with defending Biblical Marriage”

  1. Ok thought I would humour you and read one of arguments related to recent issues around same sex Marriage….but this is very poor indeed if you are having to revert to old testament issues such as these!? Every self respecting christian knows why these are in the bible and they are irrelevant today…so this article adds NO VALUE WHATSOEVER to the LGBT debate. You have to ask what is the definition of a God sanction marriage IN NEW COVENANT times not OLD!

  2. I am sure you recognise, Alfred, that this post was meant to be more funny than detailed. If you are planning to do some reading on this topic, this is not the place to start. But it was funny. At least, I thought so.

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