25 interviews to challenge your stereotypes

I am a fan of Rachel Held Evans, a writer and blogger. On her blog this past year she has chosen 25 different people to interview, and then opened up the process to her readers to suggest and vote on the best questions to be asked. I have enjoyed all of them, been challenged by many of them, and hated a few (yes, I enjoyed the ones I hated – in fact, maybe I enjoyed those ones the most: that was the point of the series, I think).

Here are links to the full series of interviews, provided by Rachel today on her blog. Enjoy.


Believe it or not, this week marks one year of your interviews via the “Ask a…” series. You’ve submitted over 1,000 questions to our 25 interviewees. I don’t know about you, but I’ve learned so much from these exchanges as many of my assumptions, stereotypes,  and misconceptions have been challenged by actually talking with all these smart and gracious people.

Let’s celebrate a year of successful interviews by revisiting each one. The most popular interviews are in italics. You can always find each entry in the series here


Ask an Atheist

Ask a Catholic

Ask an Orthodox Jew

Ask a Humanitarian

Ask a Mormon

Ask a Mennonite

Ask an Evolutionary Creationist

Ask a Calvinist

Ask a Gay Christian

Ask a Quaker

Ask an Orthodox Christian

Ask a Muslim

Ask a Unitarian Universalist

Ask a Christian Libertarian

Ask a Christian Conservative

Ask a Christian Progressive

Ask a Pacifist

Ask a Pentecostal

Ask a Nun

Ask an Environmentalist

Ask a Pagan

Ask a Seventh-Day Adventist

Ask a Feminist

Ask an Egalitarian

Ask a Messianic Jew


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