The Reason God Creates LGBTQI people

Back in 2016, James O’Keefe presented a TEDx talk entitled “Homosexuality: It’s about survival – not sex“. It has since had more than 2.5 million views.

The reason for the interest in this video is that James presents a compelling theory of why we need LGBTQI people in the world.

James presents his theory from the basis of evolution. As a Christian, if you prefer to refer to Creation and God’s choice rather than nature’s choice, it doesn’t change James’ theory. He suggests that at first glance it might seem strange that LGBTQI people exist – they don’t appear to make sense for evolution (or creation and God’s command to reproduce).

But his argument suggests that we shouldn’t be looking at the “survival of the individual”, but the “survival of the group”. And seen through that lens, it makes a lot of sense to have LGBTQI people in our communities. Scientific studies show that LGBTQI people are generally much higher in EQ, and score better in metrics of empathy, co-operation, etc.

He jokes that being gay is nature’s way of ensuring that truly gifted people are not encumbered with children.

But his message is more serious than this. He talks of epigenetics, which are how our genes activate and can change expression. In reality, this means that we all have gay genes, but unless they were activated (in the womb) these remain coiled up and unactivated. Science is now studying what conditions might exist to activate these gay genes. For example, the more male babies a woman has, the more likely the next male baby will be gay. You can see why this would make sense in nature: the younger brothers won’t have more children for the family to deal with, and won’t compete with his older brothers. The gay men are also good for the family by providing a bonding bias, bringing the family together.

James tells his own story, showing that severe prenatal stress is a strong indicator of homosexuality in the child. You can understand why this might happen: the Mom might be saying, “I am in trouble here, and I need a strong and clever ally to keep this family together.” And a gay is born.

Homosexuality is not “against nature”. It is prescribed by nature at certain times and places to bring great benefit to society. They make us better. They are essential to humanity.

I couldn’t agree more.

Note that James does indicate in his talk that the research he is referencing focuses specifically on males, rather than lesbians or transsexual individuals. And he indicates that this research is still in its early phases. We will learn more and more in the next few years, as our medical and genetic knowledge improves. We will also see advances in other areas of science, including animal behaviour studies. Right now, we know that there are homosexual behaviours evidenced in over 1,500 animal species. It seems it is entirely natural.

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