Celebrating judgement and damnation

This past week I was alerted to a video of a child singing in church. This happens every week in churches all around the world, but this particular incident borders on child abuse and shows a horrible side of conservative Christianity.

A young boy sings a simple song about heaven:

I know the Bible’s right, somebody’s wrong
I know the Bible’s right, somebody’s wrong
Ain’t no homos going to make it to heaven

Now, regardless of your theology or personal beliefs on the issues of homosexuality, the response of the adults in this church must surely appall any Christian (or any human being for that matter). They jump up and wildly applaud and whoop their delight. They celebrate what they see as the eternal judgement and damnation of other people. They encourage demeaning and belittling approaches to those they see as sinners.

Is this how Jesus would have us behave?

Judge for yourself:

I know that I don’t hold what might be called a “majority opinion” on the issue of homosexuality. I do not think the Bible is as clear on this issue as most conservative Christians think it is. But our theology of sexuality is surely irrelevant here. This kind of attitude and action has NO place in our churches. It is un-Christlike, un-Christian and wrong. I am sure that there will be more homosexuals in heaven than people from this church.

How is it possible to even have a rational conversation about sexuality in a context where this type of behaviour persists? What would Jesus do?

Here’s something your church should stop preaching: hatred!

One thought on “Celebrating judgement and damnation”

  1. Appalling … deeply sad. Almost laughable, if it were not so dangerous, exclusive, arrogant and so far from what I imagine to be the Church of Jesus. I pray that those children find the truth of God’s love in their future …

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