List of resources affirming same sex marriage from the Bible

I recently started a series in which I am going to work through the case for affirming same sex marriage from the Bible. I am not the only one doing this, and I’d like to list other resources that can assist you on this journey, as we change our view of what the Bible demands of us as Christians. I already have a list of books you can read.

I will keep an updated list of websites and blogs here. If you’d like to something to this list, please email me or put the details in a comment below.

Resources supporting the affirmation of same sex marriages from the Bible

Other recommended resources

I will be posting my own theological study on this blog over the next few months. The first part of that series is now available here.

2 thoughts on “List of resources affirming same sex marriage from the Bible”

  1. Thank you so very much for this information. It’s been so very helpful to me in my journey of coming out as a Christian. It’s been very difficult for me fight depression cause of my feelings and trying to understand how to go about finding supportthanks again. Praying God will continue to give you guidance

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