Best Modern Christmas Carols

Every year I try and get more people interested in good, quality Christmas music (yes, it does exist in amongst the schlock that gets released every year).

This year, I think the best new Christian Christmas Carol, that’s just perfect for 2020, has been released by Sovereign Grace. It’s called “O Come, All You Unfaithful”.

For more of my suggestions for best modern Christmas carols, see my ever-updating blog entry on best Christmas music here.

What are your favourite modern carols?

One thought on “Best Modern Christmas Carols”

  1. Hey, Graeme. Talk about a Godincident : ) I have been trying to remember a Christmas song I really liked and discovered back a few years ago. I could not remember the group’s name. But then your email comes : ) it’s by he same group , Sovereign Grace: “ Behold Our God” … wow!
    Thanks for sharing this one about the Unfaithful being called to come—I’m Thinking like you it will become a classic! We DO live in a broken world and we are all broken as Matthew West says in his song “ Truth Be Told “ Another Christmas song I really enjoy is by Chris Tomlin: He Shall Reign Forever ! Check that one out and let me know what you think of it : )
    Christmas Blessings to You and keep speaking the truth as God reveals it to you !

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