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MBTI and spiritual development (Part 1 of 2)

I am a great advocate of self awareness. On the path to self awareness, I believe that personality profiles are great aids – they may create small boxes of personality types, but they provide windows of understanding into oneself and others.

I prefer to use the Enneagram as a profiling tool. I also like DISC and Meyers Briggs (MBTI). On a recent weekend youth camp, I tried to help the young people work out their MBTI type. Use this website to do an online test. You can see an overview of the MBTI profile here or here.

I then talked about spiritual disciplines – see a great website on this here.

Finally, I helped them to link their MBTI types to the type of spiritual disciplines and activities that would help them take their next steps with God.

For more info on your MBTI type, go to this website, and click on the icons at the top to look at careers, relationships and more.

Here is a summary of what I told them. You are free to use this as you wish – please just reference back to myself and this website:
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