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  1. Gordon

    Graeme – is Jesus a lefty? Well he preached an incredible amount of social justice, but in some of the left wing thinking of today he could also be labelled conservative. I mean imagine – there is only one way to God? You should be sexually pure? How un-lefty is that?

    Wallis has been quoted (Wikipedia) as saying, “I would suggest that the Bible is neither “conservative” nor “liberal” as we understand those terms in a political context today… It is traditional or conservative on issues of family values, sexual integrity, and personal responsibility, while being progressive, populist, or even radical on issues like poverty and racial justice.”

    Interestingly Wallis wrote a piece a few years ago – pointing out that Jesus was neither left or right wing – “God’s Politics: Why the Right Gets It Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get It” He has been quoted as saying “Don’t go left, don’t go right; go deeper”.


  2. Graeme


    Nice points, well made.



  3. Bradford Bray

    Gordon…how many times does Jesus talk about sex? Compared to his teachings on social justice issues, it is laughable. The facts of the gospels are that Jesus does NOT spend much time on those “conservative values” that you speak of, but spends a large amount of time teaching about hunger, oppression, exploitation, injustice, etc. Try merely counting the verses Jesus spends on those “conservative” values compared to the others and you will laugh yourself at the rediculous nature of your comment.


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