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  1. FJ

    Wow this is total garbage. Came here after watching Dr James White mop the floor with you.

    Your brand of “theology” didn’t exist before the 1960s and is otherwise known as “queer theology.” Postmodern political/social ideals are mixed thoroughly in your revisionist readings of the Bible. Same with your rants against “patriarchy.” Feminism is not Biblical, the man is the head of the household – and indeed studies show that when one person has more authority in the home than the other spouse, marriages actually last longer.

    Clearly, you dislike 2,000 years of Christian theological tradition and some 5,000 years of Jewish and are trying to rewrite everything accordingly to suit. Indeed, you peddle the MYTH of “born gay.” Go ahead and try to prove that one. There’s no proof of such a thing and “didn’t choose to be gay” isn’t proof of born gay, unless you wish to posit that Jeffrey Dahmer somewhere along the line made the choice of being a kidnapping, mass murdering cannibal… Or you can just be honest and admit people can have horribly dysfunctional psychological issues which effect their sexual expression.

    Of course, Jesus warned us of false teachers. You make money by appealing to people who want to be faithful but are in denial of scripture or want to reinterpret it 100 different ways to suit their personal appetites and viewpoints.

    In other words, you’re a fraudulent sack of shit.


    • Graeme


      Three comments:
      1. I don’t make money out of any of this. Not even ad money on this blog or videos.
      2. You wrong about the science.
      3. Jesus said we should judge people by their fruit. James tells us that what comes out of your mouth is a way we can judge what’s in your heart. I don’t think Jesus would call anyone a sack of shit. Just saying.


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