ALLin Podcast Episode 10: Did God create only two genders?

Genesis 1 and 2 tell two different creation stories, both culminating with the creation and marriage of two people. This was a Middle Eastern, black haired, brown eyed, cisgender man and woman. But does that mean all people have to Middle Eastern, black haired, brown eyed and cisgender? And does it mean all marriages must be between only a man and a woman? If not, how should we be reading Genesis 1? 

This is another one hour long episode, and you should ensure you’ve listened to Episode 9 before you listen to this.

Once you’ve listened to it, please let me know your thoughts and questions.

2 thoughts on “ALLin Podcast Episode 10: Did God create only two genders?”

  1. I’m really enjoying this podcast. Essentially I had most of the scriptural basis for a lot of this thinking, however your approach of ‘not throwing out a conservative view’ of scripture but rather using it to confirm an inclusive gospel message for LBGTQI+ (but really ALL humanity) is really refreshing to me.

    My question: “How do I approach my local church leadership to engage this conversation? I do not want to come across as ‘divisive’, the topic has really not come up apart from some passing statements related to traditional marriage?

    Thank you

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