ALLin Podcast Episode 12: A Community of Radical Inclusion

A Community of Radical Inclusion is a sermon preached by Graeme Codrington at the Melrose Campus of Gracepoint Methodist church in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2016. It lays out both a Biblical and historical case for including LGBTQI in our churches, and affirming them as made in God’s image. 


2 thoughts on “ALLin Podcast Episode 12: A Community of Radical Inclusion”

  1. Hi Graeme!
    I only just stumbled across your website last week, devoured all of your posts on the biblical case for homosexual marriage, and then found your podcast when I was hungry for more content.
    First of all, THANK YOU for doing this work. Thank you for putting it online for people like me (Christian, white, cisgender female, American military family living in Germany) to find.
    Secondly, the series you posted gives up at about post 20. I’m sure it was a tremendous amount of work to accomplish what you did from 1-19! Are there connected podcast episodes to the ones you haven’t finished from article 20 onwards?

    Specific question about this particular podcast: since this sermon was recorded 7 years ago or so, what has changed for you and Jane? Are you two still with the Methodist church? Given the way that you speak about civil unions being an unacceptable option for gays wanting to marry, it made me wonder how long you two “put up with” that being your only option in the Methodist church. Zero judgment. Only wanting to hear your journey. And if there’s a specific place that you’ve already cataloged that journey, I’m happy for a link to ingest myself so you don’t have to double up on work.
    Thank you again!
    Warmly, your sibling in Christ,

  2. Alysha, we have since left the Methodist church – they are paying lip service to inclusion, but not yet allowing gay marriage or clergy. We have formed a small faith community that is completely inclusive. You can see it, and access more up to date resources on this issue, at

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